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Courage starts with showing up

I love Brene Brown If you haven't heard of her check her out - she has some great Ted talks.

She has four pillars of courage:

1. Rumbling with Vulnerability

2. Living your Values (rather than simply professing them)

3. Braving Trust (and being the first to trust)

4. Learning to Rise

How can we relate this to Yoga?

1. Rumbling with Vulnerability - going to a yoga class and sharing a space with other people can make you feel vulnerable - especially when you are invited to close your eyes in a class full of strangers - don't worry they won't be strangers for long.

2. Living your Values - you want to try yoga, you know it will be good for you, but something (maybe fear, maybe vulnerability) is holding you back. Just say yes and give it a go. Yoga classes are very diverse with a beautiful mix of people in them. You won't be out of place.

3. Braving Trust - and being the first to trust. You have to have trust in yourself - yoga builds that trust in yourself and your abilities. Trust your body to take a variation of the asana that works for you. Trust your balance. In a good yoga class your teacher will give you lots of options.

4. Learning to Rise - a regular yoga practice will help you to fly (literally when we practice #Garudasana. Yoga will elevate you mind, body and spirit. Taking you to the next level in terms of concentration and calmness.

I hope you like my take on @brenebrown courage.

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