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What is Yoga?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

The restraint of the modifications of the mind-stuff is yoga - which can be translated into ‘the mastery of the stilling of the mind’ And now the teaching of yoga begins. Yoga is the process of stilling the activity of the mind, then you will reside in your true nature. If not (if you don’t have a process for stilling the mind) you will identify with your thoughts. In the modern world our minds are full of thoughts (and for some constant scrolling) and our thoughts create our feelings and our stress (troubles). Yoga helps to still the mind and if we can still the mind we can see our own true self and find happiness. I am suggesting that stilling the mind can be compared to a cloud with a silver lining. If we don’t still our minds all we see are clouds (troubles) and no solutions. Stilling our mind allows solutions to come through (our silver linings). If we don’t still our minds we continue to be ‘driven’ by our thoughts, leading to constant questioning (over-thinking) and stress. Our minds end up completely overworked leading to anxiety as we follow our thoughts rather than letting them go. Our thoughts focus on past events or futures that haven’t happened yet. There is power in the moment of now. The past is done; the future is yet to be realized. Only in this very moment can you act (be present), and every moment presents another opportunity to begin, to let go of your thoughts, to think differently.

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