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Will yoga help me lose weight?

The clear answer is YES!

But you have to be consistent and you have to practice regularly. You may also need to consider other aspects too – if you increase your calorie intake when you take up yoga, it may not have the weight loss effect you want. One thing is sure if you practice yoga regularly and for a long time your body will become highly flexible and you will still be able to get down to put your own socks on when you’re 90!

Yoga also tones your body making you look lean and fit.

Studies conducted among various populations of different age groups have all concluded that yoga is beneficial for weight loss with additional benefits.

  • A 12-week yoga mixed with aerobic exercise training had a favourable effect on morphological and blood lipid markers in female college students.[1]

  • A study conducted on adult males showed improvement in weight, body fat percentage, and stress levels.[2]

  • A study among overweight and obese women also showed similar results. They concluded that yoga with a calorie-restricted diet had better results compared to a typical energy-restricted diet and thus more helpful in weight control for people on weight reduction programs.[3]

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