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Tame Your Menopause Online


This Course has five yoga for Menopause lessons. Lesson one: In this video we practice Nirvana Pranayama to lengthen the breath and bring more oxygen into the body. It also strengthens the diaphragm. The yoga asana focus on opening the hips and pelvis. Lesson Two: Hot flushes affect many women during peri-menopause and menopause. Research shows that slow, deep diaphragmatic breathing can reduce the frequency and severity of hot flushes. In this video we will learn a cooling breathing technique and asana that can help to cool the body. Lesson Three: One of the more common symptoms of the menopause is that your waistline starts expanding which is due to falling oestrogen levels which causes the loss of muscle mass and slowing down your metabolism. This yoga lesson starts with a single nostril breathing practice. Regular practice of Right nostril breath may aid weight loss. Lesson Four: This yoga for menopause lesson is a re-energising practice, looking after our bone density, muscle mass, exercising the heart and toning the midriff all in one. Lesson Five: Yoga to strengthen your pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is also one of the first areas affected by stress and when we can't release the pelvic floor, we have a more difficult time releasing stress. Yoga breathwork and asana can sometimes release physical trauma in the body, so its important that you practice at your own pace for the breathing and movement (asana), especially if you are new to yoga.

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