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"Yoga means addition - addition of energy, strength and beauty, to body, mind and soul."

- Amit Ray

Indian author 

1:1 Yoga Lessons


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Life is about living your best life, life is about giving our mind and bodies the best chance.

Breathing and relaxation is about working with the mind and body together to bring balance of mind, body and spirit.

What is breath work?
Breath work is a dynamic body-mind practice using conscious breathing techniques for inner peace, enhanced health and wellbeing.

On average we take 20,000 breaths per day.  To feel the positive effects associated with deep breathing, you just need to focus on a few of these.

Breath work has been found to help alleviate:

Migraine headaches
High blood pressure
Panic attacks
Menopausal hot flushes

It can also help you to lose weight, eliminate stress, improve energy levels and elevate your mood, supporting your whole body and restoring health and wellness with natural solutions.

The first thing we do is take a breath – the last thing we do is take a breath, our bodies instinctively know how to do it, without any thought; it is automatic.


However, over time, most of us restrict and distort our breathing. Habitually breathing high into the chest, breathing too fast and breathing shallowly are all issues that literally ‘take our breath away.’

Breathing has an effect on your sleep, your memory, your energy level, your concentration and the body systems as a whole.

Why not give yourself time each week to improve your breathing and take your body to a state of blissful relaxation?



Available for individuals or small private groups who can’t or don't want to join a larger group class.

Perfect if you feel you need a little more individual attention than a class could offer.

A 1/2 hour free consultation with Julie will take place to discuss your needs, any health issues and discuss what you want to get out of the practice.

Lessons will be an hour in length.


Practices are person-centred and accommodating of individual health
needs, body types and abilities.

Contact Julie for more information.

Hatha Class

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